a youth STEM club created by professional educators, engineers + designers


Craft projects and worksheets only go so far in developing our budding engineers. And sometimes, additional expertise is required to help our kids gain a deeper understanding of topics that interest them.


2019-20 MODULES

Merton K-4

Tuesdays - PRIMARY MakerSpace

Oct 1 - Oct 22

Oct 29 - Nov 19

Jan 7 - Jan 28

Feb 25 - Mar 17

Mar 31 - Apr 21

North Lake 1-4


Check back in the fall!

Stone Bank 1-4


January 7, 14, 21, 28

Richmond 1-4


March 31, April 7, 14, 21

At Tinker Dynamics, we blend our techincal minds with our educator hearts to provide a collaborative learning environment so that your child experiences the joy of discovery and the fun of creating cool eningeering projects.


Our professional educators, engineers and designers foster creativity, encourage risk taking, boost confidence and share your kiddo's love of learning through hands-on building. 


| explore. observe. make. think. challenge. |

We create a learning environment where every child can take risks, be creative, and foster a love of science, engineering, design, and making.

Tinker Dynamics modules are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for Engineering Design. Our educators differentiate module STEM activities and opportunities to engage learners at multiple levels along the NGSS Disciplinary Core Idea Learning Progression.

REGISTERScholarship information available for families enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program.




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We've found the 5th-8th graders tend to have some of these topics incorporated in their other class work and it isn't as new and exciting to them. However, we have included kids outside the "geared toward" age range by parent request before, so please talk to us about your situation.

Tuesdays from 4:00-5:15pm at Merton -  *NEW* we'll be at the Primary School in the MakerSpace. Pickup most likely at Door D - watch your email.

More info about the other schools available in November! All kids welcome at Merton.
Tuesdays after school until 4:35pm at Richmond room 139. Pickup is at the front entrance.
Tuesdays after school until 3:40pm at North Lake School room 106. Pickup is Library/Gym activities entrance.
Tuesdays after school until 3:45pm at Stone Bank STEM lab. Pickup is at the front entrance.

We hope to offer “STEM Day” activities that your school, PTO, or scout group could use to host a local event. All the materials and instructions come in the box. All you’d need are some volunteers to run the stations. Then invite all your friends for plenty of tinkering fun!

Please let us know! We’d like to work with your family so your child can focus, understand the activity, and have fun making.

Yes, no problem! This just happens to be our community, so we’re starting here, but we welcome families from other schools at any of the locations. Look for sessions at Merton, and more info to follow about possibly North Lake, Stone Bank and Richmond schools.

THANK YOU for being so excited about our project. Occasionally we've needed a parent to assist during a session. We appreciate your offers and will be in touch.

No problem – Our best pricing is for the combo packs offered at Merton, however, feel free to choose the modules that work for your schedule and interest.

Scholarship information available for families enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program. When you add two or more modules to your cart, you should see a sibling discount at checkout.

Pick and choose the modules that interest you and fit in your schedule, or save with the multi class combo pack.  Register here.

Absolutely! Download an editable pdf CERTIFICATE yourself, or let us know at checkout and we’ll make sure your special student knows about your fantastic gift! Be sure to save it to your desktop first before you fill it out. We’ll need the child’s parent to sign a permission slip, but we can help you with all the final details.


Empower your child to use engineering, art, and design to make the world a better place.