Megan Spindler artist + architect

Over the last seven years, Megan has taken on the responsibility to select tech systems and troubleshoot technology issues at a local design build firm.  From procuring and setting up cell phones, printers, laptops, desktops and routers to installing, upgrading and troubleshooting software, Megan does her best to ensure employees can focus on their work instead of struggling with their workstations and devices.

Megan also focuses on working one-on-one with employees, consultants and clients to access shared project information. Prior to taking on this role, Megan’s main focus was using her skills as a registered architect to create stunning 3D models for presentations and proposals. With her ten years of experience working on senior living, student housing, multi-family housing, retail and commercial projects, Megan continues to put her expertise to use by helping fellow architects understand how they might best use the tools available to them.